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Dear Grammar Alumnae,

It has been over thirty years since Lahore Grammar School, 55 Main Gulberg, first opened its doors to a handful of students.  Since then we have seen countless numbers of girls come and go. We would be very interested in hearing from our former students and setting  up an alumnae page where those of you who wish to, can read about the achievements of old friends and acquaintances and build a network of women who have a shared experience of LGS 55 Main Gulberg. We would also appreciate any former student who would like to guide or mentor our present students with their career choices or help them learn more about the profession they wish to pursue through your own experience.

If you are interested in writing to us, please include the following information in your email.

  • Full name (as in our school record) and year you graduated/left 55 Main
  • Where you continued your education
  • What you studied
  • What you are doing presently
  • If you would be willing to guide students who may be wanting to follow a similar path
  • Your contact number/ email

We look forward to hearing from you,

Mrs. Qudsia Kamal